Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Man Claims to Have Reversed Aging by Decades via Therapies Inspired by Anti-Aging Research Science!

From Cocoon (1985):
"Ben Luckett: So you think it's like Bernie said? We're cheating nature?
Mary Luckett: Yes.
Ben Luckett: Well I'll tell ya, with the way nature's been cheating us, I don't mind cheating her a little."

Anti-aging research breakthroughs in recent years are bearing some interesting fruit. Some people decided to not wait for the scientists to dot every "i" and cross every "t" before putting some of the findings to the test and one such n=1 experimenter has reported some astonishing results along the lines of those in the movie Cocoon, except that they take some years, rather than days, to manifest dramatically. James A. Green and other experimenters are reporting not only improved health markers and regrown hair on balding pates, which some Paleo and Peatarian dieters have attested to, but to also actually grow younger, with Green claiming to have reversed the aging process by decades! Green reports a "calendar age" of 63.96 vs. a "math model age" of 26.85 years. There isn't solid third party evidence yet, but the early anecdotes are interesting.

Of course, these people are taking risks by experimenting on themselves and there is much still to learn, so please do exercise caution. As always, YMMV. Here are some links to investigate:

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Paleo Phil said...

Another interesting thing about Green's story is that one of his main anti-aging therapeutics--astragalus root--contains polysaccharides. Tiger nuts and other resistant-starch-rich foods also contain polysaccharides, and some people also reported developing younger appearances from RS-rich foods at this blog:



(Warning: language and insults at the blog are not for the faint of heart.)