Friday, November 06, 2009

Update: Still Doing Great

I'm still doing great on my stricter version of a Paleo diet (raw carnivore, with only occasional plant foods--basically an Inuit-style diet). The recent relapse of symptoms disappeared within a couple of months and my health is once again better than it's been in decades--even better than it was at my peak during the more conventional Paleo diet.

I don't tell people what to eat. I think folks should work out for themselves what foods they do best on. However, if you don't even try a Paleo diet, how will you know whether it works for you or not?

Note: when eating near-zero-carb like I am currently, one needs to eat a lot of fat to avoid eating excess protein and potentially even risking "rabbit starvation" (which is "protein poisoning" and malnutrition that occurs when eating too little fat or carbs with protein). I seem to do best on around 75 - 85% calories as fat.


going feral said...

Hi paleophil - I am very curious as to your raw fat sources... how do you render your tallow at a low temperature? please do tell - most all of the meat i eat is raw, but so far rendering fat has meant heating it, usually to cooking temperature. Looking forward to checking out more of your site.

Paleo Phil said...

Hi feral. The last two times I just set my crock pot to warm and left the raw, grassfed suet from my local healthfood market in it for a couple of days. The result is not as tasty (though not bad) or as efficient (more waste), however, as the low (200 degrees F) setting.

I found that other people on the Web use the warm setting too, so there may be a way to get a better result. Perhaps running it longer than two days?

Thanks for the comment--yours is my first. :) I made this site mainly to refer friends, relatives and the curious to for info. I've only read a few of your articles but I like your writing style.

going feral said...

Thanks for sharing that, I might have to try it sometime when i am staying with someone that has electricity (haha!). I really would like to eat fully raw pemmican, there are some huge things i am missing out on by cooking the fat...
thanks again,